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Location: Norwich, Norfolk

Beauty and Fashion blogger mixed with a dash of lifestyle and how to's. I can also be found on YouTube!

Laura Jane style is a PR friendly blog! I am a fun, honest and a reliable blogger to work with. If you are interested in contacting me in regards to PR or sponsored posts please email me:

Samples & Reviews

Fashion : I am more than happy to review/promote, clothing/shoes & aesthetic items on my blog.  Clothing will be featured on my blog in an outfit post or in a review set out. Posts are likely to be live within 2 weeks depending on what is being asked.

Beauty : I adore beauty products and reviewing them is always a true pleasure! I like to test out skincare products for at least 10 days so please be aware these reviews may take up to three weeks to go live.  Hair and body products may take less time as the effects of these can be seen quicker.  If i am not in love with a certain product, i reserve the right to share my negative thoughts in a review or not to feature the product on my blog at all, in this case i will always email you first.

Other : Other products like electrical, lifestyle, gadgets or events may feature on this blog, providing that it fits in with my style. I will also consider a wide variety of items, as this blog isn't strictly just fashion and beauty related. The time for these posts to go live will entirely depend on the item itself.

I like to pride my blog on being reliable, honest and true to myself and my opinions. I would never influence my readers to purchase anything that i personally do not enjoy.

If you would like to connect with me via social media please don't hesitate to come and say hi!

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