Primark Makeup Haul

Hi Guys!

I have a mini makeup haul from Primark on the blog today, I nipped into Primark to look for some summer dresses but as usual in Laura Jane world I picked up things i wasn't even planning on looking at - anyone else do this???
In my defence a few items were for my daughter! so if your a makeup starter wanting to try new products or build up a collection, Primark might be your best starting point! Primark has quite the P.S range on offer - i don't know why i hadn't stopped at the makeup section before!

Colour correcting sticks // jumbo pencils: £1.50 each
Colour correcting makeup seems to be everywhere at the minute, if your new to this concept its correcting any discolouration on your face before you start your makeup, for example;

Green: Neutralises redness
Yellow: Hides purple or blue
Purple: Eliminates unwanted yellow undertones
Pink: Masks signs of fatigue
Orange: Hides deep discolouration
Blue: Neutralises orange discolouration

Correcting these before applying your makeup gives you an extra flawless complexion. The green stick is used for redness, i use this around my nose. The yellow stick is for dark circles, plenty of those on my face - full time mummy and late night Netflix watcher right here!!

2 in 1 Foundation and Loose Mineral Powder £3 // £2

This clever tube of foundation has a built in concealer in the cap of the foundation. Handy to keep in your makeup bag! With a coverage of a medium to light this foundation is build-able to your preference. The concealer compliments the foundation well but if you like a high cover concealer you may want to use your own. Having said that it does do well itself. Everyone is different and wants different things from their makeup. Using the colour correcting sticks under this should do the trick.

Contour sticks // jumbo pencils £3
These contour sticks are a fab way to add definition onto your face, this set of three comes with a contour shade, bronze and highlight. I personally prefer a powder for my contour and bronzer but these little beauties are easy to use and blendable. Use a light hand and blend using a beauty blender or sponge  

Velvet Matte Lipstick £2 each

I have a love hate relationship with matte lipsticks, sometimes they look Instagram worthy and other times they look like my lips are so dry they are about to drop off! These lipstick pencils have a very creamy formula which seems to glide on, they also don't seem to have a drying effect on my lips so they are keepers!

Brow Kit

The brow kit comes with everything you will need to start grooming your brows to perfection, I love to top mine with a brow gel. Small and compact these are perfect travel companions.

Foundation & concealer brush £1.50

For a mere £1.50 its worth while stocking up on their brushes, this one is perfect for applying concealer and I will use the bigger side ( foundation side ) to apply loose powder to bake away the fine lines.

Nail corrector £1.00

Such a nifty tool to have if your a little on the messy side with your nail polish - like me!
it comes with 5 nips which are shaped to easily fit around your natural nail. So now i can be as messy as i like painting my nails and then use this to remove the evidence!!

Scented candle
Sea Salt & Lavender £4
White Amber £3
I wish there was a way for you to smell how gorgeous these smell! I have been happily burning these while filming for YouTube and editing. If you follow me on snapchat you will have seen these when i brought them.
 ( snapchat: laurajanestyle )

Have you brought any beauty items from Primark lately? let me know in the comments


  1. Wow, I wanna try all of them!

    DadieB. ~

  2. Hi Dadie, they are amazing and so affordable - I have been wearing the matte lipsticks ever since i brought them home!!

  3. I'm going to Primark tomorrow! I'm so excited now normally I just bypass the beauty section, under estimating it. I'm going to be sure to slow down and grab a contour stick and corrector pen! Such good prices too. x

    1. Hello Kels - I usually skip straight to the shoes and bags haha - I'm so glad i stopped and picked a few bits up. Have fun on your shopping trip and let me know what you pick up xox

  4. Great haul. I would love to find some of those colour correcter sticks!

    Christie x

    1. Hi Christie, they are such a fab find! I have been using them non stop! xox

  5. Wow! This article is written so good and the photos are perfect ;)

    1. Aw, Thank you Hang around the world! that is so sweet of you - made my day xox

  6. The colour correcting and contour crayons look really interesting. I'll have to look out for them next time I'm in store. I have a few shades of their lip crayons and love them. Their lip pencils are also incredibly quality considering their price tag.

    Roxie |

  7. Nice article, thank you for the sharing