Mermaid Make over!

Mermaid tutorial this week, because everyone wants to secretly be a mermaid AND be related to Ariel!!! Just me??? OK then.

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laurajanestyle makeup tutorial mermaid sexy pretty colorful amazing

STEP 1: With all the beautiful colours we are going to be using it is a good idea to prime the eyes first.
primer makeup mua make your eye shadow last laurajanestyle
STEP 2: If you have been with me for a while you will know i love putting tape under my eye when doing bold looks as it gives you the perfect edge. Line the tape under your lower lash line and angle up towards the end of your brow.
use eye tape for a perfect line on your eyes laurajanestyle

I created this look from the amazing Makeup revolution Pro Looks Palette. Eat, Sleep, Makeup, repeat.
amazing colorful palette bright colour eye shadow laurajanestyle
STEP 3: Take the amazing blue colour " Sleep all day" and pat this on the outer edge of your eye making sure your taking it right from the tape.
makeup revolution sleep all day pro looks palette tutorial laurajanestyle
STEP 4: I mixed both the green shades in the palette "Needle on" and " Eat everything" and applied this right next to the blue shade taking it half way across the eye lid.
colourful makeup look pro palettee laurajanestyle
STEP 5: Grab the yellow shadow " Hot track" and dust the inner corner of the eyes.
laurajanestyle mermaid makeup tutorial step by step makeup
STEP 6: Going back to the blue shadow run a tiny bit into your crease taking it half way very lightly. This will help give the eye some depth.
STEP 7: I wanted to brighten up in the inner corners a little more so i took the matte white "Rave on " and placed this right on the the inner corners of the eye as a highlight.
STEP 8: To blend all of these colours together lets grab yet another shadow shall we! This purple shadow is called "Magician" which is very apt as we are going to make all of the harsh lines disappear!! run this back and fourth into your crease, the key is to blend...blend and blend.
STEP 9: Lastly take the matte white again to use as a brow highlight.
STEP 10: You can now remove the tape if you were using it.
STEP 11: Add a white liner to your lower lashes.
STEP 12: Run the blue shadow on the outer half of the lower lash line, then follow on with the yellow shadow.
STEP 13: Grab your favourite eye liner this one is also from Makeup Revolution and line your upper lash line. For a more dramatic look add a flick.
Next apply your foundation!

STEP 14: Coat your lashes with mascara this one is from Loreal and it is currently my favourite, it appeared in my favourites this month too! ( April Favourites )
apply  mascara amazing long lashes fans out extreme laurajanestyle
STEP 15: Optional! Add some fluttery lashes.
STEP 16: Apply mascara to your lower lashes.
STEP 17: Fill in your brows, oddly I'm using the blue shade from the palette to keep with the mermaid theme,  but you can fill them in your usual colour.
STEP 18:  Place a net material over your face and take a damp makeup sponge, dip this into the blue shadow and pat over your forehead, this will give you a scale like finish, I also added a little green shadow too.
And we are done! 
makeup for brown eyes easy tutorial mermaid makeover laurajanestyle

laurajanestyle makeup tutorial mermaid step by step colorful beautiful sexy amazing
laurajanestyle mermaid makeup tutorial colourful sexy beautiful amazing brown eyes
laurajanestyle makeup tutorial colorful mermaid step by step easy to follow brown eyes blue green yellow white shadow
laurajanestyle makeup mermaid tutorial bblogger makeup revolution brown eyes blue green white eye shadow blue brows colorful brows

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  let me know if you have any questions or tutorial suggestions in the comments below xox
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  1. you look so incredible here !! great tutorial... i want to try it !! xx #boldandbeautiful

    1. Thank you Anna :D Send me pics if you do it, you will look stunning xox