BareSkin foundation review.

 Hi Beauties!
I have another makeup review to share, this post is all about BareMinerals and their new BareSkin liquid foundation.

I was invited to come along to the launch at Debenhams in Norwich a couple of weeks ago, i can never say no to a sneak peak at what will be coming out!
BareMinerals ( if you didn't know) is a popular makeup line dedicated to only using pure and natural minerals within their makeup range. This makeup is actually good for your skin and can even help your skin while using it, even if you have super sensitive skin!
The new BareSkin foundation is the first liquid foundation to be released from BarMinerals, it comes in a variety of colours and shades meaning you will be able to match any skin tone easily...well, with help from the lovely ladies behind the counter. 

A buffing brush has been released along side the new range, a special foundation brush just for this foundation,  it looks like a regular buffing brush, short and soft bristles, small handle for easy holding, there is however, i  distinctive difference, this brush also has a hole in the middle of the hairs, a small dome like shape cut in into the middle......
This is for the foundation to be dropped into and aids in keeping the liquid on the surface instead of disappearing into the bristles and being  lost. ( oh BareMInerals you smarty pants!!)

While at the launch event, i jumped at the chance to have my make up done by the lovely ladies,

These are all of the products that was used on me.

I was super happy to receive such a generous goodies bag.  Inside was full of make up, a few items from the BareMinerals range, some skin care products and a bar of chocolate! 

How i use Bareminerals BareSkin liquid foundation

Before and after pictures
After prepping and priming my face, i took my real techniques buffing brush and dropped two drops into the middle of my brush and started to buff it in.

I used five drops for my whole face, i am a full cover kind of girl so you may decide you only need two drops for the coverage you want to achieve, the great thing about this foundation is that it is completely buildable. To set the foundation i was given BareMinerals mineral veil, which is like a translucent setting powder, however, i decided i wanted a little more coverage so i opted for the MareMinerals powder foundation in shade 250

I used the real techniques multi task brush to sweep the powder over my face.

My make up lasted throughout the day, i didn't feel any need to touch it up at any point. I do like the feel of BareMInerals it honestly feels like you are wearing nothing, the foundation its self has a fine grainy feel to it, but when buffing it onto the skin it feels like the brush is dry or like your rubbing a new brush onto your skin ( very weird!) 

I have been using it on and off for the last two weeks as i wanted to give my honest opinion, i also recorded a YouTube video of a first impression review which you can watch here
I think for me personally the BareSkin foundation doesn't have the coverage i am wanting for me to feel "skin confident" having said that i may use this during the hot summer months. 
Have you tried this foundation? i would love to know what you think of it x


  1. What a fab review, your skin looks amazing! Will definitely be giving Bare Minerals a try
    Meena | Meena Means Me

    1. Thank you Meena, let me know how you get on with it! @laurajanestyle

  2. I don't mind lighter coverage foundations so I will definitely have to pick up a sample of this and give it a try! Great review :) x
    Beauty with charm

    1. Sounds like it will be perfect for you Alina! let me know what you think xox @laurajanestyle

  3. I love the coverage of this foundation!! Looks really GREAT :)

    I also love bare minerals :)



    1. Thanks Serene, yes the coverage is can be built to everyone's needs, What Bare Minerals product is your favorite? xox

  4. <333 such useful post !

    1. Thank you Karolina, It's so nice to know my post was helpful to someone! xox

  5. I love BareMinerals Serum Foundation! I think its incredibly light weight and the perfect base to any makeup look. Great post!!!

    Whitney |

    1. Thanks Whitney, I to think its incredibility light weight and perfect for the summer months. Thank you for the comment xox