Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

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I am sure i wasn't the only one excited when i heard Benefit weree giving a vamp over, on their brow products as well as releasing new wonders to their already amazing collection! So i was double excited when i purchased Elle magazine to find they had the new Benefit Goof Proof Brow pencil inside.

According to Benefit
"Anyone can become a brow expert with this super easy brow filling & shaping pencil. Fast, full & natural-looking brows magically appear, thanks to the glide on formula, soft colour and goof-proof tip"

I love the packaging as always with Benefit!  I always feel the dying urge to never throw any of their pretty packaging away........seriously i even keep the boxes!!

This streamline pencil feels like it has been dipped into metallic silver, it's light weight and with slopped sides almost giving the pencil a triangle shape leaving it easy to hold and a comfortable grip. The lid i adore! with an art deco feel its diamond pattern gives an old Hollywood feel and a more high end look.
The end of the pencil doesn't slot into the lid so if your like me and still revert back to school days of taking lids off pens and sticking them on the ends ( i do it without noticing i am actually doing it!) it wont work, so don't try haha

The brow product is a twist up, which i personally like as i can NEVER find a sharpener when i need one! the shape of the nip is almost like a diamond/tear shape which carries on the theme of the packaging beautifully, its not the same as the push up liner by Benefit but it does remind me of it. The point allows you to easily define your brows and the wide section lets you fill them in with breeze.

The formula is harder than i was expecting, its not a soft khol formula it almost feels like wax but at the same time it is easy to blend across your brows. I love the option of using the thin point to define and swapping quickly and easily to the wider section to effortlessly fill in the rest.
Claiming to be 24 hour wear and waterproof i don't think you will be needing to top your brows with gel.

The formula was also easy to remove with a simple makeup wipe! which i was pleasantly surprised as i was thinking it may be tough to remove like their push up liner, so this is a big bonus!

Benefits brow range is due to launch later this month on the 24th June, here is the collection:

1 - Gimme Brow, £18.50 - A brow-voluminizing gel
2 - Goof Proof Brow pencil, £18.50 - A super easy brow-filling and shaping pencil.
3 - Precisely, my brow pencil, £18.50 - An ultra-fine brow defining pencil
4 - BrowZings, £24.50 - A total taming and shaping kit for brows
5 - BrowVo conditioning primer, £21.50 - A nutrient rich primer for fuller looking brows.
6 - Ka-Brow, £18.50 - A cream-gel brow colour with brush
7 - 3D BrowTones, £18.50 - A subtle brow-enhancing highlights
8 - Ready, Set, Brow £18.50 - 24hr invisible shaping and setting gel
9 - High Brow, £17.50 - A creamy brow highlighting pencil
10 - High Brow Glow, £17.50 - A luminous brow highlighting pencil
11 - Grooming tweezer and brush, £15.50 
12 - Angled brow brush and spoolie, £15.50
13 - All purpose sharpener, £4 

Let me know in the comments what products have caught your eye, which you want to try and which products you already love xox
Most products including the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil will be available in 6 shades, I am using shade 6 - the darkest shade, the fabulous thing is that once you find the shade number you like it should be the same number for the whole range! 

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  1. I love that it's a twist up - I always do far better with those.

    1. Me too Claire! i hate sharpening makeup pencils xox

  2. This sounds great, i'm tempted to buy Elle just to get this x

    1. yes, yes, yes quick go buy Elle its such a lovely product to receive for free xox

  3. This pencil looks amazing on you! I'm definitely going to buy Elle now. But I was just wondering whether there is a catch about the free brow wax? I'm intrigued about that, is there a certain amount of money that you'd need to spend in benefit or are they actually being that generous��? Xx

    1. Thank you Josephina, When reading the small print - you receive a free Benefit eyebrow wax when your purchase a full priced wax at Debenhams. I have never had my brows waxed at a Benefit counter so this is tempting me xox

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    1. Hi Rimanere, thank you! yes lets follow each other - here is my Bloglovin link xx

  5. Cant wait to try it!

    Take Care Doll! Kisses,
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